TEDxYouth@RMS 2016 Announced!

Posted in All Posts by drewbuddie - Oct 20, 2016

Royal Masonic School in Rickmansworth is proud to announce that it will be hosting a TEDx event at 1-4pm on Sunday 11th December. 


The theme of the event is ‘Resilience‘ and many outstanding speakers have agreed to participate in the event.  We are announcing the speakers gradually and more information about them can be found by clicking the ‘Speakers‘ tab.

Tickets for the event are entirely FREE and will be available to students, members of their families, staff members and the general public. We want to encourage whole families attending and so the ticketing facility will allow Group Booking. We are releasing tickets gradually in batches and full information about the schedule can be found by clicking the ‘Tickets‘ tab.

Information within the RMS community will also be provided via our internal messaging system.

For more information about TEDx events in general, please click on the ‘About TED’ tab.


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